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Palm Beach County School District

President’s Message
Hello Fellow Members,

Please review the results of our Association’s effort in Tallahassee last week – click on the link below to the Tallahassee Reports.  Notes of who we met and what data was exchanged are now posted on this website for your information.  We are grateful that many of our representatives received us and listened to our messages.  It helps us for them to carve out their precious time to focus on us and public education in general.  The essence of lobbying is to keep our elected officials aware of us and our needs as they deliberate legislation and funding.
Our experience provided an insider view for those of us who are politically unsavvy, to the interesting, complex and yes, sometimes nauseating democratic process.  Read it to see what your elected officials are up to!

At our November 2015 General Meeting, Dr. Christianson, Deputy Superintendent / Chief of Schools (DC/COS) graciously attended and provided an update on the Strategic Plan and Dr. Avossa’s goal of increasing our District’s effectiveness
Mike Burke, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), attended as well and discussed financial concerns.  He indicated that anticipated revenue and about $16M more in budget cuts would allow the Board to provide a 3% raise across the District.  His feeling was that the prospects for future raises is not so cheery.  The denial of Federal funds for Medicaid is going to impact funds that could be allocated for Education.
Dianne Howard, an Association Board Member and Director of Risk Management and Benefits, said that because we are healthier, we will avoid premium cost increases for the 4th year in a row.  That is awesome news!  Go us!
Our District’s Leadership was available to you as Association Members for questions and answers, and we are so grateful for their continued participation in our meetings.
Remember, as we approach budget crunch time and the part of the year that next year’s staffing levels are determined, that we are here for members in need of assistance with their employment issues.
We can’t help you if you are not a member!  It will be too late to join us after you have a problem.

Jim Kunard

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